10. Integrations

If you already have your data managed and organized on a cloud storage service, such as GCS, you may want toutilize that with Dataloop, and not upload the binaries and create duplicates.

10.1. GCP integration

Access & Permissions - Creating an integration with GCP requires allowing dataloop specific permissions for accessing the resource

To learn more about setting up integrations, please visit our Dataloop documentation

10.2. Create integration With Google Cloud Provider

import dtlpy as dl
if dl.token_expired():
organization = dl.organizations.get(organization_name=org_name)
with open(r"C:\gcsfile.json", 'r') as f:
    gcs_json = json.load(f)
gcs_to_string = json.dumps(gcs_json)
                                 options={'key': '',
                                          'secret': '',
                                          'content': gcs_to_string})