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import logging
import traceback
import urllib.parse

from .. import entities, miscellaneous, repositories, exceptions, _api_reference
from import ApiClient

logger = logging.getLogger(name='dtlpy')

[docs]class Recipes: """ Recipes Repository The Recipes class allows you to manage recipes and their properties. For more information on Recipes, see our `documentation <>`_ and `developers' documentation <>`_. """ def __init__(self, client_api: ApiClient, dataset: entities.Dataset = None, project: entities.Project = None, project_id: str = None): self._client_api = client_api self._dataset = dataset self._project = project self._project_id = project_id if project_id is None and project is not None: self._project_id = ############ # entities # ############ @property def platform_url(self): if self._project_id is None: project_id = else: project_id = self._project_id return self._client_api._get_resource_url("projects/{}/recipes".format(project_id)) @property def dataset(self) -> entities.Dataset: if self._dataset is None: raise exceptions.PlatformException( error='2001', message='Missing "dataset". need to set a Dataset entity or use repository') assert isinstance(self._dataset, entities.Dataset) return self._dataset @dataset.setter def dataset(self, dataset: entities.Dataset): if not isinstance(dataset, entities.Dataset): raise ValueError('Must input a valid Dataset entity') self._dataset = dataset ########### # methods # ###########
[docs] @_api_reference.add(path='/recipes', method='post') def create(self, project_ids=None, ontology_ids=None, labels=None, recipe_name=None, attributes=None, annotation_instruction_file=None ) -> entities.Recipe: """ Create a new Recipe. Note: If the param ontology_ids is None, an ontology will be created first. **Prerequisites**: You must be in the role of an *owner* or *developer*. :param str project_ids: project ids :param str or list ontology_ids: ontology ids :param labels: labels :param str recipe_name: recipe name :param attributes: attributes :param str annotation_instruction_file: file path or url of the recipe instruction :return: Recipe entity :rtype: dtlpy.entities.recipe.Recipe **Example**: .. code-block:: python'My Recipe', labels=labels)) """ if labels is None: labels = list() if attributes is None: attributes = list() if project_ids is None: if self._dataset is not None: project_ids = [] else: # get from cache project = self._client_api.state_io.get('project') if project is not None: # build entity from json p = entities.Project.from_json(_json=project, client_api=self._client_api) project_ids = [] else: raise exceptions.PlatformException('Must provide project_ids') if ontology_ids is None: ontolgies = repositories.Ontologies(client_api=self._client_api, recipe=None) ontology = ontolgies.create(labels=labels, project_ids=project_ids, attributes=attributes) ontology_ids = [] elif not isinstance(ontology_ids, list): ontology_ids = [ontology_ids] if recipe_name is None: recipe_name = + " Default Recipe" if self._dataset is not None else "Default Recipe" payload = {'title': recipe_name, 'projectIds': project_ids, 'ontologyIds': ontology_ids, 'uiSettings': { "allowObjectIdAutoAssign": True, "studioV2App": True }} success, response = self._client_api.gen_request(req_type='post', path='/recipes', json_req=payload) if success: recipe = entities.Recipe.from_json(client_api=self._client_api, _json=response.json(), dataset=self._dataset) if annotation_instruction_file: recipe.add_instruction(annotation_instruction_file=annotation_instruction_file) else: logger.error('Failed to create Recipe') raise exceptions.PlatformException(response) if self._dataset is not None: self._dataset.switch_recipe( return recipe
[docs] def list(self, filters: entities.Filters = None) -> miscellaneous.List[entities.Recipe]: """ List recipes for a dataset. **Prerequisites**: You must be in the role of an *owner* or *developer*. :param dtlpy.entities.filters.Filters filters: Filters entity or a dictionary containing filters parameters :return: list of all recipes :retype: list **Example**: .. code-block:: python """ if self._dataset is not None: try: recipes = [recipe_id for recipe_id in self._dataset.metadata['system']['recipes']] except KeyError: recipes = list() pool = self._client_api.thread_pools(pool_name='entity.create') jobs = [None for _ in range(len(recipes))] for i_recipe, recipe_id in enumerate(recipes): jobs[i_recipe] = pool.submit(self._protected_get, **{'recipe_id': recipe_id}) # get all results results = [j.result() for j in jobs] # log errors _ = [logger.warning(r[1]) for r in results if r[0] is False] # return good jobs recipes = miscellaneous.List([r[1] for r in results if r[0] is True]) elif self._project_id is not None: if filters is None: filters = entities.Filters(resource=entities.FiltersResource.RECIPE) # assert type filters elif not isinstance(filters, entities.Filters): raise exceptions.PlatformException(error='400', message='Unknown filters type: {!r}'.format(type(filters))) if filters.resource != entities.FiltersResource.RECIPE: raise exceptions.PlatformException( error='400', message='Filters resource must to be FiltersResource.RECIPE. Got: {!r}'.format(filters.resource)) if not filters.has_field('projects'): filters.add(field='projects', values=[self._project_id]) recipes = entities.PagedEntities(items_repository=self, filters=filters,, page_size=filters.page_size, project_id=self._project_id, client_api=self._client_api) recipes.get_page() else: raise exceptions.PlatformException('400', 'Must have project or dataset entity in repository') return recipes
def _list(self, filters: entities.Filters): url = filters.generate_url_query_params('/recipes') encoded_url = urllib.parse.quote(url, safe='/:?=&') # request success, response = self._client_api.gen_request(req_type='get', path=encoded_url) if not success: raise exceptions.PlatformException(response) return response.json() def _build_entities_from_response(self, response_items) -> miscellaneous.List[entities.Recipe]: pool = self._client_api.thread_pools(pool_name='entity.create') jobs = [None for _ in range(len(response_items))] # return triggers list for i_rec, rec in enumerate(response_items): jobs[i_rec] = pool.submit(entities.Recipe._protected_from_json, **{'client_api': self._client_api, '_json': rec, 'project': self._project, 'dataset': self._dataset}) # get all results results = [j.result() for j in jobs] # log errors _ = [logger.warning(r[1]) for r in results if r[0] is False] # return good jobs recipes = miscellaneous.List([r[1] for r in results if r[0] is True]) return recipes def _protected_get(self, recipe_id): """ Same as get but with try-except to catch if error :param recipe_id: :return: """ try: recipe = self.get(recipe_id=recipe_id) status = True except Exception: recipe = traceback.format_exc() status = False return status, recipe
[docs] @_api_reference.add(path='/recipes/{id}', method='get') def get(self, recipe_id: str) -> entities.Recipe: """ Get a Recipe object to use in your code. **Prerequisites**: You must be in the role of an *owner* or *developer*. :param str recipe_id: recipe id :return: Recipe object :rtype: dtlpy.entities.recipe.Recipe **Example**: .. code-block:: python'recipe_id') """ success, response = self._client_api.gen_request(req_type='get', path='/recipes/%s' % recipe_id) if success: recipe = entities.Recipe.from_json(client_api=self._client_api, _json=response.json(), project=self._project, dataset=self._dataset) else: logger.error('Unable to get info from recipe. Recipe_id id: {}'.format(recipe_id)) raise exceptions.PlatformException(response) return recipe
[docs] def open_in_web(self, recipe: entities.Recipe = None, recipe_id: str = None): """ Open the recipe in web platform. **Prerequisites**: All users. :param dtlpy.entities.recipe.Recipe recipe: recipe entity :param str recipe_id: recipe id **Example**: .. code-block:: python'recipe_id') """ if recipe is not None: recipe.open_in_web() elif recipe_id is not None: self._client_api._open_in_web(url=self.platform_url + '/' + str(recipe_id)) else: self._client_api._open_in_web(url=self.platform_url)
[docs] @_api_reference.add(path='/recipes/{id}', method='delete') def delete(self, recipe_id: str, force: bool = False): """ Delete recipe from platform. **Prerequisites**: You must be in the role of an *owner* or *developer*. :param str recipe_id: recipe id :param bool force: force delete recipe :return: True if success :rtype: bool **Example**: .. code-block:: python'recipe_id') """ path = '/recipes/{}'.format(recipe_id) if force: path += '?force=true' success, response = self._client_api.gen_request(req_type='delete', path=path) if not success: raise exceptions.PlatformException(response)'Recipe id {} deleted successfully'.format(recipe_id)) return True
[docs] @_api_reference.add(path='/recipes/{id}', method='patch') def update(self, recipe: entities.Recipe, system_metadata=False) -> entities.Recipe: """ Update recipe. **Prerequisites**: You must be in the role of an *owner* or *developer*. :param dtlpy.entities.recipe.Recipe recipe: Recipe object :param bool system_metadata: True, if you want to change metadata system :return: Recipe object :rtype: dtlpy.entities.recipe.Recipe **Example**: .. code-block:: python'recipe_entity') """ url_path = '/recipes/%s' % if system_metadata: url_path += '?system=true' success, response = self._client_api.gen_request(req_type='patch', path=url_path, json_req=recipe.to_json()) if success: return entities.Recipe.from_json(client_api=self._client_api, _json=response.json(), dataset=self._dataset) else: logger.error('Error while updating item:') raise exceptions.PlatformException(response)
[docs] @_api_reference.add(path='/recipes/{id}/clone', method='post') def clone(self, recipe: entities.Recipe = None, recipe_id: str = None, shallow: bool = False): """ Clone recipe. **Prerequisites**: You must be in the role of an *owner* or *developer*. :param dtlpy.entities.recipe.Recipe recipe: Recipe object :param str recipe_id: Recipe id :param bool shallow: If True, link to existing ontology, clones all ontologies that are linked to the recipe as well :return: Cloned ontology object :rtype: dtlpy.entities.recipe.Recipe **Example**: .. code-block:: python'recipe_id') """ if recipe is None and recipe_id is None: raise exceptions.PlatformException('400', 'Must provide recipe or recipe_id') if recipe_id is None: if not isinstance(recipe, entities.Recipe): raise exceptions.PlatformException('400', 'Recipe must me entities.Recipe type') else: recipe_id = payload = {'shallow': shallow} success, response = self._client_api.gen_request(req_type='post', path='/recipes/{}/clone'.format(recipe_id), json_req=payload) if success: recipe = entities.Recipe.from_json(client_api=self._client_api, _json=response.json()) else: logger.error('Failed to clone Recipe') raise exceptions.PlatformException(response) assert isinstance(recipe, entities.Recipe) logger.debug('Recipe has been cloned successfully. recipe id: {}'.format( return recipe