Source code for dtlpy.entities.user

import traceback
import logging
import attr

from .. import entities, exceptions

logger = logging.getLogger(name='dtlpy')

[docs]@attr.s class User(entities.BaseEntity): """ User entity """ created_at = attr.ib() updated_at = attr.ib(repr=False) name = attr.ib() last_name = attr.ib() username = attr.ib() avatar = attr.ib(repr=False) email = attr.ib() role = attr.ib() type = attr.ib() org = attr.ib() id = attr.ib() # api _project = attr.ib(repr=False) _client_api = attr.ib(default=None, repr=False) _users = attr.ib(repr=False, default=None) @property def createdAt(self): return self.created_at @property def updatedAt(self): return self.updated_at @staticmethod def _protected_from_json(_json, project, client_api, users=None): """ Same as from_json but with try-except to catch if error :param _json: platform json :param project: project entity :param client_api: ApiClient entity :param users: Users repository :return: """ try: user = User.from_json(_json=_json, project=project, users=users, client_api=client_api) status = True except Exception: user = traceback.format_exc() status = False return status, user @property def project(self): if self._project is None: raise exceptions.PlatformException(error='2001', message='Missing entity "project".') assert isinstance(self._project, entities.Project) return self._project
[docs] @classmethod def from_json(cls, _json, project, client_api, users=None): """ Build a User entity object from a json :param dict _json: _json response from host :param dtlpy.entities.project.Project project: project entity :param client_api: ApiClient entity :param users: Users repository :return: User object :rtype: dtlpy.entities.user.User """ return cls( created_at=_json.get('createdAt', None), name=_json.get('firstName', None), updated_at=_json.get('updatedAt', None), last_name=_json.get('lastName', None), username=_json.get('username', None), avatar=_json.get('avatar', None), email=_json.get('email', None), role=_json.get('role', None), type=_json.get('type', None), org=_json.get('org', None), id=_json.get('id', None), project=project, users=users, client_api=client_api)
[docs] def to_json(self): """ Returns platform _json format of object :return: platform json format of object :rtype: dict """ _json = attr.asdict(self, filter=attr.filters.exclude(attr.fields(User)._project, attr.fields(User).name, attr.fields(User)._client_api, attr.fields(User)._users, attr.fields(User).last_name, attr.fields(User).created_at, attr.fields(User).updated_at, )) _json['firstName'] = _json['lastName'] = self.last_name _json['createdAt'] = self.created_at _json['updatedAt'] = self.updated_at return _json