Data Management Tutorial

Tutorials for data management

Cloud Storage

Setup integration with GCS/S3/Azure

Create an External Dataset

Setup integration with GCS/S3/Azure

AWS Binding with Lambda

Create a Lambda to sync a Bucket with Dataloop’s Dataset

Manage Datasets

Create and manage Datasets and connect them with your cloud storage

Data Versioning

How to manage versions

Upload and Manage Data and Metadata

Upload data items and metadata

Upload and Manage Annotations

Upload annotations into data items

Sort and Filters

DQL Filters a Pagination

Advance SDK Filters

More complex filters on items and annotations

Annotation Level Filters

Create filter on annotations, use DQL on an annotation level attributes

Item Level

Create filter on items, use DQL on an item level attributes


How to use pages and iteration over items

Working with Metadata

Working with Item’s metadata

FaaS Tutorial

Tutorials for FaaS

FaaS Interactive Tutorial – Using Python & Dataloop SDK

FaaS Interactive Tutorial

FaaS Interactive Tutorial – Using Python & Dataloop SDK


Getting started with FaaS.


Run Your First Function

Create and run your first FaaS in the Dataloop platform

Multiple Functions and Modules

Create a Package with multiple functions and modules

Execution Control

Kill and Timeout on an Execution

Task Workflows

Tutorials for workforce management

Tasks and Assignment

Getting started with Task and Assignments.

Create Annotation Task

Getting started with Annotation Tasks.

Create Annotation Assignment

Getting started with Annotation Assignment.

Redistribute and Reassign

Redistribute and reassign items from tasks and assignments

QA Tasks Management

Create QA tasks and annotation-qa flows

Create QA Task

Getting started with QA Tasks.

Create QA Assignment

Getting started with QA Assignment.

Note Annotation

Create Note annotation on items

QA on Annotation Level

Annotation level QA

QA on Item Level

Item level QA

Redistribute and Reassign

Redistribute and reassign items from tasks and assignments

Image Annotations

Tutorials for creating all types of image annotations


Setup environment before starting

Classification, Point and Pose

Classification, Point and Pose annotations types

Bounding Box and Cuboid

Bounding Box and Cuboid annotations types

Polygon and Polyline

Polygon and Polyline annotations types

Ellipse and Item Description

Ellipse and Item Description annotations types

Ellipse and Item Description

Advance Tutorials

Copy, count, show and annotation parenting.

Video Annotations

Tutorials for annotating videos

Video Annotations

Upload and work with video annotations

Recipe and Ontology

Tutorials for managing ontologies, labels, and recipes


What are Recipe and Ontology


Create and manage Ontology, Labels and Attributes


Create and manage Recipe and Annotations Instructions

Model Management

Tutorials for creating and managing model and snapshots


Getting started with Model.

Create a Model and Snapshot

Create a Model with a Dataloop Model Adapter

Create a Model and Snapshot

Using Dataloop’s Dataset Generator

Use the SDK and the Dataset Tools to iterate, augment and serve the data to your model